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We are making headway on open issues. binary option broker with lowest deposit There was a bit more than we anticipated so please bear with us as we work through them in order. We WILL get to each and every one of you.

MARCH-APRIL contests are being re-judged. Since the new team will announce the winners, we thought it best that we re-visit these scripts to ensure quality in the selection process. We know the wait has been frustrating, but we haven't forgotten about you. We will post the results here ASAP. binary options $1 minimum deposit

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It's very hard to get noticed when you're an unproduced wannabe screenwriter and your "writing resume" is a blank sheet of paper. forex brokers with $1 minimum deposit That's why it's important early on to enter contests because winning or at least doing well is a credit worth mentioning during a pitch. I've entered lots of contests and Script Savvy stands out for its quick turn around time and awesomely useful coverage. I always recommend it when I meet other screenwriters.
- Kelly Parks, Script Savvy winner and writer/producer of "Universal Dead"